What is #CountTheVote?

#CountTheVote is a project to monitor, protect & verify election results. We use crowdsourcing and new technologies to help make sure that every vote gets counted accurately. The work is done by volunteers – like you!


The first stage of our current project is to compare images of poll tapes taken on Election Night
with the reported results to check for accuracy. What is a poll tape?

Why is this project necessary?

According to a C-SPAN/Ipsos poll in the fall of 2019, “only half of Americans say they believe the vote will be conducted openly and fairly.”  The Hill reports “a growing mistrust in the U.S. electoral system.” 


The goal of #CountTheVote is to increase Americans’ confidence in the voting process.

2020 Election Poll Tape Results

Click on a state to see the poll tape data transcribed from that states polling locations.




How It Works

Recruit People To Help With The Process

Before the election, we recruit volunteers to capture images of poll tapes from polling locations across the United States. Poll tapes are often posted at the polling location. The method varies based on state statutes. See the statutes by state.

Volunteers Capture Images of Poll Tapes

This part of the process is now done for the 2020 election.  Poll tapes are captured with photo and video and posted online.

Volunteers Transcribe The Results

Volunteers gather the data from images and videos of poll tapes and transcribe it into and spreadsheets, where it can be quantitatively tabulated and analyzed.

Compare The Data To Official Results

This is the critical part of the process that we are in now for the 2020 election – we are asking for volunteers to help compare poll tape data to official results! If the results and the poll tapes are the same – we can have more confidence that no votes were changed between the polling location and the reporting of the totals. Additional procedures are necessary to verify other parts of the process as well.


2020 Election Poll Tape Photos

Click on a dot on the map to link directly to the images or video of the poll tape from that location. Click on the tab at the center bottom of the map to see the data in a table.
Purple dots represent poll tapes uploaded to SeeSay2020.com.
Orange dots represent poll tapes uploaded to Democracy Counts.

Why This Matters

Are you ready to help count the votes and protect our elections?

Democracy Needs You Now